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SJ Tucker was recently hospitalized and may require surgery. It looks likely that it may actually be appendicitis, although the doctors want to confirm this with another CT scan before they do any surgery.

We -do- know that the hospital bills are going to be significant, since this first trip to the hospital involved two emergency rooms, four doctors, a 45 minute ambulance transfer between the two hospitals, a CT scan AND an X-ray, multiple IV antibiotics, nearly daily bloodwork tests, and five and a half nights in the hospital.

Another CT scan and an ultrasound are scheduled after the next batch of test results come back, and if it turns out to be appendicitis, they'll have to do surgery. If it -isn't- appendicitis, then something else will have to be done to keep all of this from happening all over again, but we don't know what.

In short: we're looking at medical bills that could go as high as twenty-five or thirty THOUSAND dollars by the time this is through.
-- omnisti

Ways To Help
* Buy SJ CDs! All current SJ Tucker CDs are $10 each (that's our wholesale price). Find more info on the CDs here.
* Sponsor a bard! See here for details on how to sponsor SJ, taking care of her medical bills and establishing a health insurance policy. Sponsors get goodies!

We've established this community because many of s00j's friends can't afford to donate a lot of money, but can make things, or write things, or build things, and very much want to help. This part is very much a work in progress - as we sort out whether we're posting auctions or raffles or printing chapbooks or juggling geese, we'll update here.

Please - buy CDs, sponsor, spread the word. We just need 1,000 people with $25 to spare. Save our s00j!

Your friendly neighborhood mods,
omnisti and shadesong