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Help for Alec James Adams

Musician Alec James Adams and his partner need help:
We thought we could negotiate for more time. We were wrong. On July 9th, 2010, [our home] Fae Hollow goes up for auction by the foreclosing loan agent. We need $30,000 by July 1st to stop this from happening. This is beyond our means to borrow. What we need is not a rescue but an investment partner. We need to secure the money necessary to stop the auction and someone of good credit who can co-sign or out right buy Fae Hollow in order to put mortgage payments into an affordable perspective.

What we offer in return is part ownership of 30+ acres of magical land. Fae Hollow has an incredible power of magic and healing and we want to protect that. It has always been a wish of ours to share this power with others in the form of workshops and week-end long events but we have never even gotten the mortgage under control, let alone set up the provisions necessary for this to happen.

...We do not want to lose this place of music and magic. We are open to serious business propositions or ideas that could make this happen.

We have a potential plan that could start working as early as late July or August involving the workshops if we could just stop the foreclosure sale.
Contact information at Alec's entry.

Via his Tricky Pixie musical partner s00j. To quote her, "This is a big deal. Please read and spread the word. There isn't a lot of time."
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Nashville - useful links, memorial service for Joshua Landtroop at PUF

Taken from Amanda Armstrong's guest blog post at the Wild Hunt blog.

The most relevant links and info from the post, for those of you in a hurry:

The death toll is currently at 22 from this storm system. One of those lives was a member of the pagan community, Joshua Landtroop. He leaves behind two children and many friends. Joshua left work on foot Saturday to check on his two children at home when flood waters started to rise. His body was found Sunday morning. The waters rose so quickly in some areas that no one could have survived being swept away. There will be a memorial service on Saturday night for Joshua at the annual Pagan Unity Festival held May 13th the 16th in Burns, TN at Montgomery Bell State Park. Memorials are encouraged for the Joshua Landtroop Trust Fund for his two sons Heath and Tristan at Family Advantage Federal Credit Union, P. O. Box 39, Spring Hill, TN 37174. For more information on PUF, please visit  http://paganunityfestival.org/ .

Hands on Nashville is our main clearinghouse for volunteer work, you can donate at hon.org/HomePage/index.php/home.html .
ETA: owl_tn  says: Hands on Nashville is swamped with volunteers, which is NOT A BAD PROBLEM TO HAVE. But SIGN UP ANYWAY if you're local. They'll be needing lots of people over the coming weeks for cleanup and restoration efforts. We'll all get a chance to pitch in.

The Community Foundation of Nashville is accepting donations to support flood relief, restoration and clean up online at http://www.cfmt.org/floodrelief or by calling (615) 321-4939.

The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce has established an account to help flood victims. Donations can be sent to 177-A Belle Forest Circle, Nashville, TN 37221, payable to Bellevue Flood Aide. For further information, call (615) 662-2737.

I hadn't realized just how terrible things were until today.  If I light all the candles I wish to, something's going to burn down.  My heart goes out to Nashville, all of our tribe there, and everyone in and out of town who's hurting, who's lost someone, who's lost everything.

PUF folks, please let me know if I can do anything to help the memorial service go more smoothly.  I'll sing, if nothing else, if you ask me.
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More help for friends and fans in Tennessee

air_n_darkness  has made a great consolidated list of the needs of our TN folks--three families that we know of, who are recovering from the floods in Millington and Frayser.  She's also made herself a contact hub for those families, which puts her at the level of Goddess all over again in my book.  Her post is here.

I'm just gonna keep boosting the signal, because it's the best thing I can come up with to do for now.
Again, those of you who know of other folks in need since the flooding, please comment here and I'll repost.

Love you all.

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When the Levee Breaks...

We pull each other out.

moonstone_fae , one of my best and brightest Tennessee fans, lost everything in the floods this weekend.  
She did not lose her life or her family--all of them are ok, thank the gods.  Her house was right next to a levee that just let go.  They are staying with friends for now.

When weather hits us hard down in the Bible Belt, it usually doesn't fuck around.

There's a public post of what she and her family are missing or need right now; take a look.

At the request of friends, she's posted her Paypal address and a mailing address for the time being:

blackcatarmoury @gmail.com

Physical address:
c/o KC Stokes
6930 Raleigh Millington
Millington, TN 38053

I'm devastated for her, but I'm super-relieved to hear that she's all right.  I've heard several stories since coming back from the Beltane weekend (where we had to abandon ship ourselves, to an extent) of folks not getting out alive. 

If any of you want to boost signal about other friends in need, please do so here in our community, either in comments here or in separate posts, with my blessing.

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Signal Boost for Bravery

Also nifty things, via wirewalking .

Having gotten nowhere with her long and fretful job search, starherd  is doing something very brave.
In fact, she's doing something brave that's very like what I did, almost exactly seven years ago.
She's taking the leap.
For a start-up boost, she's auctioning off some seriously nifty things, of interest to genre fans.
Check out wirewalking 's post for more info.
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Holding the light in San Diego, one week from now

One week from tonight, since I won't be in St. Louis for the community ritual on behalf of the McCall family, I'll collect donations to send their way at my San Diego house concert.  That performance will be dedicated to young Tegan, now dancing in the Summerlands.

Sunday February 21, 2010 — 6pm
House Concert
Madhouse at Camelot
San Diego, CA
RSVP to Brian for directions

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Selling my writing, eventually starting group sale, to benefit homeless San Jose family

Hi, I’m Cristina Deptula, editor-in-chief of Synchronized Chaos Magazine (http://www.synchchaos.com) and very glad Sooj has now recovered and is back to playing music! Honored to have taken part in this effort by auctioning off advertising space in our publication.

I’m now personally offering to send a piece of original poetry to anyone who sends a donation of any amount to the working, but homeless, mother and daughter mentioned in this blog (and all over the news last year.) http://my.lettersoflove.net/lettersforkaty/

I know the family personally and have built a relationship with them over time, as have many others - and they have been diligently job-searching and writing, and I’d like to see them get a break. They were also featured on CNN.com news and California's Channel 2 - so reporters have checked out their story.

You may check out the 17-year old daughter’s writing and graphic design here: http://destinationanywherebuthere.blogspot.com. There's a link for a PayPal donation there...alternatively, you may send cash or prepaid credit cards to the Hughes family, P.O. Box 111525, Campbell, CA 95011.

They apparently now have a mentor and a lead on housing and a job, but that’s in Pennsylvania (across the United States from where they are now, in California) and they need to come up with cash for the move.
Please let me know you donated, and I’ll send you a poem!

We're going to suggest setting up a group anthology/art sale etc event, similar to what helped Sooj out - and will keep you updated (with the moderator's permission ;)
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From Lyon's blog

Quoting lyon_martin , one of our Ravens contributors:

Recently the McCall family lost everything in a house fire.

Their 17 year old son woke up in the first floor living room to find a couch ablaze from a fire in the basement below. He ran upstairs, woke his parents, and attempted to gather the rest of the family; eventually with his father's help lifting them out onto the roof. The father, Bud, found a way down to a second story balcony, from there to a ground floor work shed, and then to the air conditioning unit, where he proceeded to kick in the front door and look for his missing daughter, Tegan. Although he made three attempts to get into the house to look for Tegan, he was driven out of the house by the intense heat and smoke from the fire. The rest of the family were rescued from the roof by fire fighters using a ladders, but tragically, Tegan was lost to the fire.

Bud was hospitalized with smoke inhalation and minor burns. The mother, Dawn, was briefly admitted, then released. The three surviving children were taken to the ER; two were admitted overnight for observation.

All personal effects of the McCall household were destroyed.

Complete donation information is available at the website below, which will be updated as necessary.

A Pagan community-based ritual to benefit the McCall Family will be held on Sunday, February 21st at:

Comfort Inn and Conference Center
9600 Natural Bridge Road
Saint Louis, MO 63134

The science fiction convention Conflation will be held at this site that weekend, and they have generously offered the use of the space for this purpose. We will have the space after 3pm; ritual is expected to begin around 4pm. This will be a Black Forest style healing ritual, in which individual participants bring their wishes, and the entire group puts magical energy into bringing them about. Bring your drums, rattles, sistrums and other instruments, as we will be using chant and music to raise energy. We feel this will be an excellent way to send good energy to the McCall Family in their time of overwhelming need. It is an integral part of the ritual that each person donate cash as a way of getting the energy flowing. All donations will be sent to the McCall Family fund.

It's time for us to take care of our own.

Please join us to aid the family with healing energy and monetary support.

McCall Family Donation Information


Please share with your other lists.

Thank you.
Believe, Unlimited

[BoostingTheSignal] Medical Scariness: Help An Artist In Need

Signal boosted from matociquala's post, quoting asatomuraki's post:
hominysnark needs a hysterectomy to keep an unpleasant medical condition from becoming a life-threatening one (it's already most of the way there) and she can't, because she doesn't have health insurance.

Why doesn't she have health insurance? Because she's self-employed, and as many self-employed creative people (she's an artist and writer) know all too well, when you have to choose between eating and having a place to sleep or having health insurance, the health insurance loses. I know this, because the hubby and I have been paying for self-employment health benefits for most of this decade, watching the cost go higher and higher while the benefits get lower and lower. We pay more for health insurance than we do for shelter, but live in terror of not having it, just in case. Because not having it could mean complete financial ruin, and destroy our children's future. It's freaking scary.

So, anyway. She needs $2700.00 for the operation, or she has to wait for her condition to become life-threatening. (It will get there long before she could save up that much, especially since she has $8,000.00 in medical bills from just having it diagnosed.) See, she falls in that sweet spot between having enough income to have health insurance or pay for health care herself and being poor enough to qualify for any sort of break from providers or government program.

I know that if every one who can will give a buck or two, maybe we can get this thing done before her life is at risk.

Collapse )

Please feel free to boost this signal where you think it ought to be boosted. Cross-posted.

[Edit] Other ways to help include elisem's fabulous pendants that she is auctioning off to help hominysnark. She makes some of the most lovely jewelry I've ever seen.

[Edit the second] A community, fluffybunnyfund, has been started for this cause! There are some amazing things there, included an ARC of Bone and Jewel Creatures by Elizabeth Bear (matociquala).
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[Help Haiti] One of Many

So many extraordinary people are creating beautiful things in an effort to do something to help Haiti recover.
omnisti  and I are concocting something.  Other movers and shakers (and founders) of this community are hard at work on wonderful surprises, or are already making noise and raising funds, getting funds where they need to go in order to do the most good.

Today a beautiful soul whom I have not yet been blessed to meet posted her own beautiful offering, her own brilliant fundraising idea.
There's a great story attached to it.  tsubaki_ny  is, like many of us here, a wonderful storyteller.  Please go and experience her words, and buy a shirt or a mug if you can.  Just as good: donate to one or another of the charitable organizations she mentions.

From her post:
"I’m nobody. I’m not a spokesperson. I’m not brave, I don’t have any “nobility of suffering,” and I don’t have any lessons to teach anybody -- I don’t even know that I’ve properly conveyed here what I’m trying to say. I’m just an American woman in a safe place, looking on, waiting for payday so I can give a few dollars to a few organizations and beyond that, I don’t really know what to do.

So in the interim, I, uh, made a shirt.

The text reads: "TODAY, I AM HAITIAN" in Kreyòl. (Smaller text reads "Today, we are all Haitian" in French and English.) All proceeds are going to OXFAM America (For the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know me from Adam or Eve: I’ve gotten CafePress to put the organization's name, not mine, directly on the checks. So, no shenanigans here. :-D Alternatively, you can give directly: Please consider sending a donation by check to: Oxfam America, Haiti Earthquake Response Fund, P.O. Box 1211, Albert Lea, MN, 56007-1211. Other good methods for giving: go to oxfamamerica.org, doctorswithoutborders.org, or worldvision.org. There is also ADRA International (Adventist Development and Relief Agency). Be sure to select "Haiti Earthquake Relief" on these websites if that's specifically where you want your money to go. They're going to need it for a long time yet.)"

Go and read the whole story.
Thanks, everyone.

My surgery anniversary has come and gone.
So far my 2010 has been full of awesome.
May this continue to be so, and if it isn't so for you and yours right now, may that turn around quickly.
Thank you all again.
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