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CLOSED! Subterranean Press hardcovers, never opened!

I have seven Subterranean Press hardcovers in mint condition, still in their plastic wrappers, up for auction. Click the links for full product descriptions; cover art is below the cut. These books are GORGEOUS. Don't miss them.

Backup by Jim Butcher, an entertaining novella featuring wizard detective Harry Dresden's half-brother, Thomas. This item is out of print and can no longer be purchased from the publisher or retailers. Winner: morgwensraven, $80.

The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox by Barry Hughart, an extraordinary trilogy of fantasy novels inspired by Chinese mythology. Signed by the author. This item is out of print and can no longer be purchased from the publisher or retailers. Winner: mikecap, $120.

The Adventures of Langdon St. Ives by James P. Blaylock, steampunk stories with heroes and villains and zeppelins and volcanoes and jungles and probably at least one pair of goggles. Winner: lavenderfae9, $38.

Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded by John Scalzi, a collection of the best and most popular posts to the Whatever. John Scalzi has generously agreed to sign and personalize this book for the winner. Winner: kath8562, $65.

Last Call, Expiration Date, and Earthquake Weather (the Fisher King trilogy) by Tim Powers, an outstanding fantasy trilogy that pulls together the tarot, the Fisher King, gambling in Las Vegas, the ghosts of Edison and Houdini, Catholic mysticism, Dionysus, and more. Signed by the author and artist and numbered "PC" (I believe this stands for "publisher's copy"). Tim Powers has generously agreed to personalize all three books for the winner. These are being auctioned together; however, they are three separate books, not a slipcased set. Winner: judith_s, $175.

I have started five comment threads, one for each auction. To bid, please comment in the appropriate thread. If there's a previous bid, please reply directly to that comment so the person knows they've been outbid. All auctions close at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time, Wednesday, January 7th. 100% of your bid goes to s00j. Free shipping anywhere in the world, the first weekday after I receive a copy of the winner's Paypal donation receipt or other confirmation of donation. (The Scalzi and Powers will take slightly longer to arrive, as I have to send them to the authors to be inscribed. I figure that's worth waiting for.)

Here, have some cover art:

Thanks for bidding!
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