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Tzaddia Morningstar

Anything you can do to help will be more appreciated than you will ever know!!!! If you can't give monetary, then please consider sending her a message through the link at the bottom. The hospital prints the messages daily and delivers them to the patient rooms. Throughout the last couple of years and the ins and outs of the hospital Tzaddia has saved every single note and it has meant so much to her. I know it still will along with her family seeing how loved and cared for she is. I know many of you may not even know her... but some of you even won auctions of her items when this community first started (the horns). Thank you for whatever you can offer.


Tzaddia and her family need our help

As I’m sure most of you have heard Tzaddia Morningstar has taken a turn for the worse and the cancer she has battled so beautifully for so many years has reached her brain. Doctors are giving her just a few more weeks. We would love to be able to raise some money for her family during this hard time. We would like to hire a nurse for her so she can be kept “comfortable” at home where she belongs instead of in the hospital. Tzaddia has given so much to this community, even when she could barely walk she still gave and gave to all of us. She is unlike anyone I’ve ever known, and I know there are a lot of people out there that would just like to give her family back just a little.

Please, if you can spare even $5 it goes a long way across the miles. Maybe we’ll be able to buy them dinner, maybe we’ll be able to get her a nurse, maybe we’ll be able to help her family pay her hospital bills … anything to help her and her family.

Tzaddia has fought so hard for so many years. I think personally I was starting to believe she was invincible. At least her spirit is…there’s no doubt about that. And I know there is a sparkle in my heart that will always belong to her.

---- Nancy McGee

Paypal donations for the family can be sent directly to breckinridgefamily@yahoo.com

Please give a little if you can. It would mean so much to this family.

Shell Flame Murphy is also managing messages and such for the family at this time. Shell writes:

“I know that many of you would want to see her and say good bye, and I understand this. But please please, get in touch with me first. With good days and bad days, she is easily overwhelmed with a lot of people around and this is very stressful for her family and Chad. The family wants nothing but peace and calm and quiet around her and to also have their private time as much as possible.

To help ease this stress I'm asking you to give me a text, PM on facebook, or email so I can find out first how Tzaddia is feeling, and second when the best time is to be there. And remember.. you can still send those amazing messages through the hospital to her... they mean so much and she reads through them often

http://www.wth.org/body.cfm?id=1761 (Tammy Breckinridge)

I know you all understand and will respect the family's wishes. I will do everything in my power to help you and if you have anything you want her to know or have any messages for her, Chad, & Garrison I will get those messages to them.”
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