Rose Fox (rosefox) wrote in saveours00j,
Rose Fox

Please help save my friends from unjustified eviction!

Here is what business looks like in a recession:

Clay and Ranada rent their home. The building management says, hey, we've made life easy for you: use this banking service for automatic rent payment. They take money out of your account and send it to us. It's awesome. Clay and Ranada say that that does indeed sound awesome and they sign up.

Money leaves their account every month, as it should.

Money does not arrive at the building management.

The building management says, hey, you haven't been paying your rent, what's up with that?

Clay and Ranada and their very nice lawyer explain that this is the fault of the banking service. The banking service says it will take a while for them to go through their records and determine whether that's the case.

The building management says, hey, we feel bad for you, but we're still going to evict you by Tuesday morning if you don't pay us the $3500 we think you owe us. Regardless of whose fault it is, we still need a tenant in there who can get money to us because we ourselves are very short of money. So no grace period. Sorry.

Clay and Ranada ask their friends for help, but their friends are broke too. They look for loans--because as soon as the banking service admits that this is their fault, the building management will repay that $3500--but there are no loans to be found.

Tuesday morning is tomorrow.

Clay's been a friend of mine for going on twenty years. He's had a really hard couple of years--much as we all have. He's still managed to scrape by and support himself and pay his rent. None of this is in any way his fault, unless you want to blame him for trusting companies to do what they say they're going to do. Nonetheless, he expects to spend today putting his belongings in boxes because tomorrow they'll be out on the curb with him, unless a miracle occurs and $3500 shows up in his Paypal account tonight.

The clock is ticking. Please help that miracle happen.
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