Copperwise (copperwise) wrote in saveours00j,

Another chance to help another sweet soul

With darling s00j's permission, I'd like to bring your attention to another soul in need and another auction to help (if you're on my other LJs you're seeing this for the third time, sorry!)

I have a donation in the auction and they are looking for bids and other auction items.

To sum up: a very sweet girl I know -- snowcoma -- is in the situation of needing immediate therapeutic help or facing the need to be put into a mental health facility soonest. This is beyond the resources available to her locally at no cost, which as many of us know are part of a system that is overwhelmed, and she really needs to be able to afford the professionals who are already familiar with her issues.

If you can bid, donate items, or boost the signal, please visit savesnowssanity.

Because, as vixyish always says, this is what we do.
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