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Arpeggio #22 - The First Appearance of Our SOS Sponsors!


Remember that fund-raising drive wherein we offered appearances in a forthcoming webcomic to folks who donated to Save Our Sooj? Well, almost two years later,
those appearances begin this week.

Originally called "String Theory," the webcomic was eventually retitled
Arpeggio and appeared online a few months back. Why has it taken so long to get the contributors involved? Three reasons:

1. We're doing this webcomic old-school style: one full page per episode, each one scripted, sketched, penciled, inked, lettered and blogged. This takes roughly a week per installment, so we built up a backlog of almost 40 completed episodes before we went live. This way, we avoid the stall-out that often occurs when Life inevitably disrupts the comic-production schedule.

2. I had already scripted over 20 episodes when the Save Our Sooj benefit began. The real-life "characters" got added to the storyline from there on out. I'm now up to over 70 episodes written, with most of the appearances scripted and many of them drawn but not yet posted.

3. We had plenty of technical troubles getting the strip online. Arpeggio premiered months later than we had planned, and it took a few more months beyond that to become a regular feature.

And now,
here it is!

Our first SOS contributor, Courtney Landes, takes on the role of a teacher at Meghan's school. Other real-life folks will appear in various characterizations - all fictional, and each a part of Meghan's world. So yeah, stick around. Arpeggio just became even more interesting than before.


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