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Claim the Future - Deliria, Silver Satyr, Quiet Thunder & You

Claim the Future. We do.

Conventional wisdom says this: “Never tell people what you need. Never tell them what you have in mind. Never risk losing by showing your cards at the table.”

Damn conventional wisdom.

Here’s what’s up with the future of Deliria, Mythpunk and Spice.

Having seen the lasting legacy of a certain RPG, my former partners and I decided that Deliria should live again. Bringing that faerie back from near-death, though, would require more than a clapping of hands. It would take time, work, dedication and cash. And like Peter Pan, I need your help.

My partner Sandi/ Damiana calls magic “the art of getting off your ass and making things happen.” Last year, we made magic happen with Ravens in the Library. Funded by pre-orders and made possible by dozens of hard-working people, Ravens sold through six print runs and became a hallmark of micropublishing success. More recently, we've done the same with Arpeggio, the Little Webcomic That Could that's inspired, in part, by a certain bard we all know and love

I’ve written elsewhere about the laborious process involved in quality media publication. Traditionally, that process demanded a large company with deep pockets, wasting phenomenal amounts of resources to score the occasional hit. It no longer has to be that way, though. With high-quality print-to-order technology, web-based distribution, social media, and crowd-funding sponsorship, a small group of people can promote creativity and share it with a world-wide audience. 

This isn’t “the wave of the future” – it’s the magic of NOW.

We’ve done it before. We want to keep doing it. And we want to share that magic with you.

A few months back, we decided to create a gaming imprint – Silver Satyr Studios – to release new Deliria material. The long-limbo’d supplement Goblin Markets – The Glitter Trade will be our debut release. Other proposed projects include Powerchords, Roses & Thorns, several sets of Urban Fantasy Character Cards, Deliria: Street Theatre Faerie Tales, a new and pocket-sized Compact System rulebook, and perhaps even a new edition of Deliria itself.

Meanwhile, our fiction imprint, Quiet Thunder Productions, is producing two anthologies: Mythpunk: Rich & Strange and Spice: Tales to Make Your Toes Curl. Several other books are on the drawing board. Following the Ravens in the Library tradition, these books offer top-shelf fantasy fiction that dares to respect its audience. Cat Valente, Seanan McGuire, Storm Constantine, Angel Leigh McCoy, Amal El-Mohtar, Erzebet Yellowboy... these authors, and others, are already involved with Spice and Mythpunk.

Did I mention that every contributor is getting paid? And retains the rights to his or her work?

This isn't about individual books. It's about reinventing the ways books get made.

So yeah – that’s what we’re doing. Here’s what we need.


We need folks who can spread the word. Make connections. Toss in whatever they can afford (which we know is often very little) to help us pay our people, print our books, pay the many bills that comes with publishing, and make a little bit for ourselves in the bargain.

Here’s what we give our sponsors.

Occasional creative input. Eternal thanks. Frequent goodies. The chance to make things happen, and a hands-on role in the creative process.

Where traditional publishing relegates its supporters to perpetual consumers, and keeps most of the profits at the expense of its creative artists, we share the magic. Folks who’ve worked with us before – who’ve packed boxes, written stories, performed readings, illustrated books and so forth – know how sick we are of “conventional wisdom” and way in which it treats both artists and audience. All of us – Sandi, Sherry Baker, Bryan Syme, Sooj and myself, among others – work hard at slow yet steady paces to bring our work to life. 

We can’t do it alone. But we share the glory, too.

This is the revolution. The proof that conventional wisdom is wrong. As big-box media eats itself alive, the future of creativity comes not from the Next Big Thing™-comma-dammit shoveled through some corporate titan, but from people like you and us. People committing tiny acts of daily magic.

Right now, the future of Deliria looks like two books called Powerchords and Goblin Markets. We need to see whether there’s enough audience enthusiasm to support the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars required to craft such books.

Obviously, we believe there is.

We believe in Quiet Thunder and Silver Satyr. And we have proof that we’re correct.

Are you with us? 

Thanks for whatever you can offer.

Together, let’s make things happen.

Magic's just the beginning of what we all can do. 
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