February 3rd, 2015

  • s00j

Another Shiny in the Works

Hi, gang!  It's been six years since you helped save my booty.  It's a very happy booty today, and I am shaking it for you right now. :D

Two of our beloved number are working on an anthology project together, and it falls under the pay-it-forward, make-it-better umbrella.  At their request, I am boosting the signal here.

alexandraerin is accepting submissions for a chapbook!  The chapbook will be available on a "pay-what-thou-wilt-shall-be-the-whole-of-the-law" scale, and it will benefit a much-needed, soon-needed shoulder surgery for popelizbet, she who oft puts her injured-but-mighty shoulder to the grindstone to help so many others.

Check out the post, send help, send love, send creativity!  Thank you all so much. <3